directional control valves

directional control valves

YUTIEN is a professional directional control valve manufacturer who has been manufacturing wide range of pilot operated valve for over 50 years.

Directional control valve is a valve that directs fluid flow in a hydraulic or pneumatic system to various actuators, such as cylinders or motors. It is used to control the direction, pressure, and flow rate of fluid flow in a system. The valve can be manually operated or controlled by an electrical or pneumatic signal.

We are the trusted directional control valve manufacturer of choice for professionals around the world. For over 50 years, our exceptional engineering, quality control and customer service have made us a global leader in pilot operated valve technology.

Our directional control valve and pilot operated valve are acclaimed for their robust construction, reliable performance and durability. Our valves can be found in a huge range of industries from agriculture, construction and manufacturing to power-generation and oil and gas.

At our directional control valve manufacturer, we continually aim to improve valve performance to meet the need for our customers. We use the most advanced technologies to design and create pilot operated valve to support your operations in a wide range of formats, with reliable operation and optimal control.